About Us

Girl meets boy. The rest is history.. nah lol. go back to May 30, 2015 then girl meets boy...
Ben and Bec created BB’s Country. (formally Becz Town & Country in Deloraine Tasmania.) Bec had her shop front almost 3 years. in this time they did the Rodeo circuit selling western gear.. that was a huge effort... 2 gazebos 3 days... they did it the hard way for 2 years, One day Bec said to Ben, i love what we do, its us.. but i dont have a third year in me doing it like this.... so they put their heads together... a caravan? nah not practical..... they finally decided on a bus... Ben did the lot him self, the only person they paid was the sticker man, Marc from Prarie signs, Thanks Marc... Ben is such a clever boy, so Bec shut the shop front. and now they do events form the comfort of the Big Black Bus..
Bec is a proud mum during the week, and Ben works at a car dealership as Service Manager during the week. So weekends they pack up and head off to the events.
if you have an event dont hessitate to send them a message, they would love to attend